Atelier Meridian is a working print studio and artist community at the River Street Studios, right on the Willamette River just off Interstate Avenue, near Widmer Brewery. 820 N. River Street, Studio B-1. (Turn West onto Tillamook from Interstate Ave. Take 3 rights and a left and drive behind the building. We are facing the river in Studio B-1 on the North corner.) It is a spacious art studio with 24 hour access to the presses for members, and goodwill to artists and the curious who drop in for the occasional workshop, monotype session, or cup of tea.

Behind the wall of accordion garage doors live two big Takach etching presses; an Ettan etching press; a Kelsey letterpress; and shelves of all those other pins, brayers, rosin boxes, rollers, and smushers helpful for pulling woodcuts, collographs, etchings (there’s acid), solarplates, screenprints, letterpress and monotypes.

Jane making monotype

Anchored among the worktables and inks is master printer and co-founder Jane Pagliarulo. Good to have on hand either in the backcountry or at the wheel, Pagliarulo brings years of experience in monotype, etching, and lithography from the plateaus of Santa Fe and the valleys of the Cascades.

If you would like to stop by to tour the studio, call Jane at 503-729-9013.

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Portland Art Museum is holding a Steamroller Printing Party!

In celebration of Andy Warhol: Prints from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation, the Museum creates a “factory” of Portland printmakers for a fun-filled day of art-making and kid-friendly gallery experiences. I will be running the Steamroller portion of the event!

Portland Art Museum, Sunday,
Oct 30th, 10:30-4 Rain or Shine.
1219 SW Park Avenue

Bring a metal plate or a woodblock so we can ink them up and smash 'em onto paper!! The asphalt roller weighs about a thousand pounds, and it will have a 3 -foot wide roller on it. We will supply Akua Inks and plexi plates for making monotypes, we will have oil based Relief ink for printing relief, we will have all manner of brushes and rollers and brayers, or you can bring your own.

PAM will supply paper. We will have 22 x 30 paper in Rives BFK white & Buff, and Evolon AP synthetic paper. We will have Rives BFK white 30 x 40, as well as Arches 88. We will even have rolls of 42” BFK if folks want to go really BIG. It’s going to be fun! Spread the word!

Artists who sign up will be able to pull between 2 and 5 prints each (depending on how slammed we are).

There’s a Sign Up Genius in case artists want to actually show up and make a print. The Museum people were a bit nervous about our free-for-all way of doing things, so they instituted a system where we have 5 people an hour pulling prints. If the time-slots all fill up on the Sign-up Genius, I would encourage you to come anyway, and dive in if there’s room.
Here’s the link:
Steamroller Printmaking

The Art Museum would welcome any donations of Prints that you pull that day! Then PAM will be able to sell them later for a fundraiser. Don’t forget to sign the print, and write in pencil on the back what retail price your print would normally go for. If someone in the audience that day wants to buy a print from an artist, the artist must conduct the sale at a later time and place. So… bring a pocket full of business cards!

PAM will also have stations indoors where the public can create screen prints with Briana Linden.

PAM has created an event on their Facebook page,

Please invite anyone you know who may be interested!


Atelier Meridian offering Printmaking Residencies

Whether you are seeking uninterrupted studio time to focus on a project, or inspiration during a transitional time in your career, Atelier Meridian can tailor an experience to suit an artist’s individual needs. Residencies provide established and emerging artists opportunities to realize printmaking projects through 24/7 access to equipment, and creative support. Master Printer Jane Pagliarulo is able to offer collaborations or help with editioning. Contact Jane to set up a paid printmaking residency lasting from a week to a month.

FREE FRIDAYS: If you take a workshop from Atelier Meridian then you get to come in and print unassisted, free every Friday for the next two months. Includes brown & black ink, solvents & newsprint. Click here to find out about upcoming workshops.

Trio - discounted membership

We are running a winter special for new members -
Bring a Trio of printmakers and all 3 will get h
alf price membership for winter! For details, click here. TRIO*


Even if you're not an artist, perhaps you know one. Give the gift of printmaking! Atelier Meridian has gift certificates available in any denomination. Choose a dollar figure or fill in the blank with a month of membership, an 8-punch pass, or choose a workshop. It's easy! You can pay by Paypal and we can e-mail you a pdf gift certificate.

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